Douyin, or TikTok, as it is known as in China, is a famous social media network app by the tech company ByteDanve in China. Much like the app Vine, TikTok allows people to share and record short content videos. And on the 2018 periods, it was the highest rate of the downloadable app in the Play Store and App Store. And it also works to have more than 800 million active daily users. For the short form of mobile videos, TikTok is the destination. We are missing to capture the beautiful moment and showcase the creativity of the world, the matter that moments, the knowledge that is directly from the phone. TikTok allows everyone to create and to encourage users to share their creative expression and passion through their short videos. Mainly, TikTok is used by the people to share videos related to memes, to share the fun. You can also buy TikTok fans to share your videos.


In 2017 November, a popular social media network app called was acquired by the famous BytetDance for a reported amount of one billion. was launched in the year of 2014 and has wowed over 100 million active users across America and Europe. After the gaining of the app, ByteDance had decided to merge the app with its app, called Tiktok. The main aim of this was to help the TikTok app to expand its popularity across the world after TikTok had already hit 500 million active users in the US, Asia. it has explaining why the ByteDance takes to merge Tiktok with, the head of Tiktok’s global marketing, name as Mr. Stefan Heinrich said: “ TikTok reflects the better the content breadth on our social media platform that has extends beyond comedy to music, art performance, and more.” 


The very most two pages on Tiktok are the discover page and homepage. You will straight to your website if you open the TikTok app. One main great thing about the app TikTok app is that you do not need to follow other creators or users to get started; you will able to show the video content as earlier as you log in to the app. Then you can begin to follow more creators or users, and the content will be displayed on your homepage from those creators also. The discover page on the TikTok app allows the users to search for hashtags and users, as well as expressing some accessible content, trending challenges, and currently trending hashtags.