How To Get More Likes And Become Famous On TikTok?

TikTok, the most repetitive word from the very beginning of its existence, is now available in 150 countries. It covers 1 billion users and is the most downloaded application (200 million times) just in the United States. A good TikTok strategy and working of the algorithm will be a big cheese for the videos. Maximum everyone on TikTok looks forward to gaining popularity, and we are about to discuss how to become TikTok famous. 

To become TikTok famous, you must set a goal that will correspond to every progression of your videos. A short TikTok video with a unique niche is the best combo and is more than enough to get familiarity. 

In this article, we will discuss the best possibilities of becoming popular on TikTok.

#1 Make Humorous Stories On TikTok 

Story narrations are different ways of conveying a video, which differentiates you from other people. The more you get to know about things, the more you will get connected with the audience. You can influence people by telling a funnier story, and yes, people would love humorous content. Due to this covid pandemic, people seek time to relieve their stress by watching funny videos that melt their hearts. 

Make the TikTok content concise and funny because most people look for entertainment, and some look for information. Cover up the fun part in the 15 seconds of the video so that people will look at it solely as it is a short video. In the case of longer ones, there are few possibilities that people would quit the very start of the video by noticing the time duration. 

#2 Collaborate With Famous TikTok Users

This is simply a neat way to get famous in a short period because here, you will get a supportive hand for your content. A person who has over 1 million followers collaborates with another person with the follower’s rate of 500k followers; there, they both get benefitted and acquire a long-lasting relationship. This can be called with a term called “Mutual beneficial.”

Collaboration with famous creators is a win-win strategy, which benefits both of the creators. And some don’t have ideas on how to contact them for the next progression. You can follow them on other social media, create an interactive session and leave comments on their posts and this would be helpful and make them noticeable very soon. 

#3 Adding Tags To Your Videos

Let’s look at some of the elements that are tags important for a TikTok video. 

  • Tags will knack your posts.
  • Easily found.
  • Trending ones will help in the reach of the content.
  • People can find your content easily through the search option. 
  • You can create your hashtags and make them a niche. 

For every social platform tag, the tag plays a vital role in content visibility. Consider the examples of using labels on Twitter and Instagram, TikTok hashtags are also for a similar purpose, and it would tell people what tags you have used. Try to find the hashtags that are more searched by people so that when you use them, you can be found by more people. 

#4 Use Other Platforms As An Advantage

Most YouTubers do this to raise their traffic, so they upload their vlogs on Facebook and other social sites. By following the same, you can share your TikTok videos in your Instagram stories to get more views along with likes on TikTok. When nothing falls in place, the best choice is buy TikTok likes real, a great idea to promote your TikTok profile and videos. Give a link to your TikTok profile on other platforms so the crowd on your TikTok will rise gradually. 

  • Connecting other social media profiles to TikTok will maintain a long-lasting relationship with your audiences, and also you would be easily findable on TikTok. 
  • Get your content advertised on other media.

#5 Look Attractive In Videos

A good profile along with an attractive look is more than enough to cover up the TikTok audience. It doesn’t mean you must be beautiful to attract the audience to watch videos, but how you present them is essential. Don’t just wake up and start making TikTok videos; make arrangements on what you are about to execute. 

The more time you spend making short TikTok videos, the perfect, people will share the videos, which might result in people following you. You can follow the people who will update the posts daily to learn something new every day. 

#6 Use For You Page

The For You page is the very first page on TikTok, and it is also called the suggestion page, which is seen as soon as you enter TikTok. The work of TikTok For You filters the content based on the users’ past interactions. Here, you can discover new creators and videos that apt your taste. Most of the videos placed on the For You page are the ones that get more engagement, and the TikTok algorithm decides it. When you are consistent enough to post content on TikTok, you have the opportunity to earn your videos featured on the For You page. 

#7 Stay Active On TikTok

Remember that consistency is the key to success, and by posting a routine video, you would get recognition on TikTok. Keep posting quality content on TikTok, and doing it is not that easy because TikTok is a vast field with many subjects. Maintaining quality over time is challenging, but most Tikokers post three to five times a day. And if you are the one looking to feed the TikTok algorithm and get more likes, try to be consistent. There is a lot of research that shows that “Being active on the TikTok platform will give you a good amount of followers, views, and likes.”

How To Get More Likes And Become Famous On TikTok?

Use this five-point schedule to get more likes on TikTok to get exposure in a short period: 

  • Stick to a niche and stick with it. 
  • Take time while creating your videos.
  • Look attractive.
  • Add hashtags for your videos.
  • Post frequently.


The seven elements mentioned above would help you gain more likes on TikTok videos. I hope this article is helpful to gain more engagement on TikTok and build a trustworthy relationship among the audience.