Ensure that you know how to view your stories’ analytics and which story metrics are worth the most when strategy building for Instagram stories. After twenty-four hours, Instagram stories vanish. The possible effect of stories is demonstrated for brands. Instagram stories are the primary channel for brands and businesses to drive engagement, sales, traffic, and awareness with interactive stickers, swipe-up capability, and top-of-the-feed placement.

  • To check the analytics of Instagram stories, there are some ways. But ensure that you have a creator account or business account. 
  • Go to your Instagram profile on the Instagram application
  • Tap the icon “menu” in the right upper corner.
  • And then tap on the Insights option 
  • Scroll down to Instagram stories
  • Choose Spot All to view the stories that are published over the past fourteen days.
  •  For an outline of how many steps were taken in your stories, choose interactions such as Follows or Reach. 
  • Click on the separate story and then swipe up to view the analytics of it.
  • Click on the eyes like a symbol to see other actions of the sticker
  • or see the poll results.


The insights of Instgaram stories are divided into 3 categories: interactions, navigation, and discovery. To improve the discoverability of stories, add stickers. Your Instagram story is more likely to show in the larger story of Stickers or Explore when you utilize a location sticker or hashtag stickers. Use the food order stickers. Gift cards and support small businesses if you run a small-scale business. The navigation metrics show you what is not functioning and what is working. 

Suppose a plenty of people skip to the next story or exit the story. It is a fine sign that your content is not capturing the attention of the audience. The interaction statistics will help you measure success in achieving them if your goals include engagement and other actions. Buy Instagram story views at a low cost, and it will help achieve your goals, whether it is business or personal.  Compare profile visits with the following if your goal is to get more followers. 


Instagram stories including product tags, mentions, locations, and hashtags. The taps of stickers are counted as interactions, and they can be found under the interaction metric. You won’t see the interaction metric if you have not used any stickers on Instagram stories.

The engagement metric of the Instagram story can be found under the interactions. For measuring the engagement of a story, there is no formula. 


It is tricky to measure the discovery on Instagram stories. Since the Instagram application does not differentiate between the accounts that do not follow you and accounts that follow you. Reach shows you how many users are watching your Instagram stories. Keep an eye on website clicks, follow, and profile visits to drilling down on discovery. The Growth Insights was introduced by Instagram application recently, and it will let you see which posts and stories earned the most followers.

How To Use Instagram Reels For Business

Instagram is already enamored, more than 1 billion people actively use every day and also launched new feature called “Reels.’’ It enables them to showcase their talent up to 15 seconds videos. Instagram Reel strategy helps both  your video go viral and grow your business. Here are the details about how to create your first reels for your business. 

Steps To Create First Instagram Reels

  1. If you want to record the video, first give access to the camera in Instagram app.
  2. There are three options at the bottom of the camera such as Live, Story and Reels. 
  3. Choose Reels, start to record a clip and choose from the phone’s gallery while you have already recorded content.
  4.  Start to edit the video using the edit feature option and give your Reel to some aesthetic look.

Audio: music being an important part of Instagram and it allows you to choose the song from your library or massive licenced library. When you add music, your original record video vanishes.

Effects: it is similar filtors, you use stories and posts on Instagram and change your video appearance or give a different style for your video.

Timer: Setting a timer while you record a video and its record for a certain period of time. Also, time will offer a countdown to get ready in position.

How To Use Instagram Reels For Your Business?

Instagram Reels is the best way to engage new audiences for your business. You are already using Instagram for your business and trying to use worthwhile new features for your brand. However, once you use Reel’s strategy for your business, you can reach a large crowd of audience. For example, Netflix, and Sephora are already impressing the audience using Reels.

If you want to reach more new audience for your business, the best idea is to buy Instagram Reels likes which create a positive impression on your profile. Even, you are a new user, your content is liked by more people and you get more new audiences. 

Obviously, business men have different motives than ordinary people who post entertaining music videos. If you are launching a product or product promotion, then Reels is the best place to make entertaining and engaging mini-commercials for your business. Newly launched products can be promoted by creating engaging mini-commercials on Instagram reels.

Reels has an editing option such as music, AR filters, effects and adding these to your short-form video. It might be a way to grab the audience’s attention for your brand. A lot of creators, brands, and also film, edit their content using their video editing software. Before posting your video, you can create your video thoughtfully using video editing apps.


Instagram Reels is placed in the explore tab, if the content is reached by many audiences. Generally, you will  create a content attractive and authentic to the audience, your content would be lands on the top page. Then, a lot of audiences enjoy watching your content and more new audiences come to watch the video.