How To Grab Engagement On Instagram TV- 4 Promising Hacks

Instagram has become one of the leading social media stages. Instagram introduced a new feature called IGTV, which is also known as Instagram TV. IGTV is designed especially for mobile users. It lets users upload long forms of the video for up to 1 hour. As with traditional TV, as soon as you open the app, it starts playing. Lengthy vertical videos make it easier for brands or marketers to get connected with their audience. Even brands can discover many new people for their business.

In this article, let’s spot some crucial tips to use IGTV without any fault.  

Encourage Your Audience To Share Your Video 

This is a simple but effective idea. When you encourage your audience to share your video, it will make more people watch. Also, ask them to like your video. Did you know? If you receive more Instagram TV likes, it indicates that your video is good. Suppose you have a chance to get featured in the “popular” section. It will give more exposure to your content. 

Imagine your video is getting 100 shares with your friends and followers. Then, this will be a loop of free marketing. It will make your video found on the explore page, and automatically you will receive bags of views without making any effort. 

Of course, not all people will share your video, but still, some may consider this right. 

Pay Attention To New Trends

Keep an eye on your surroundings; it helps to find what’s happening around you. From this, you can gather current trends, popular topics. Try to create a video on those trending facts; it helps to gain more engagement. If you spot any exciting or worthy video, don’t wait; start making videos on that. People are always looking forward to engaging with engaging content. This will maximize Instagram TV likes, which helps to enhance your engagement rate. So it’s worthy to analyze others’ accounts and see what they are doing to grow their channel. Through this, you can learn something from others. Sure, that will be helpful in any way. 

Ask Content Suggestion From Your Audience 

If your primary intention is to generate engagement, then you need to post audience choice of content. You can use a storyboard to ask for feedback or suggestions from your audience. Make use of question and poll stickers. You can directly ask for content suggestions from them. In fact they will provide better ideas and opinions. When you pay attention to audience preference content, you will attain more engagement. Simply conduct a poll with two different topics; once the poll is over, check the results. Then construct according to the results. By doing this, you can build a good relationship with your audience. And construct a unique image for your channel.

Attach With Your Audience  

Usually, you will get comments under your video right, will you respond to those comments?. Whether it’s positive or negative comments, it doesn’t matter; you need to respond to them. It shows your respect towards your audience. By commenting back to your audience, you encourage your audience to start a conversation with you. Once you give proper responses to your audience’s action, you can expect regular comments from them. 


IGTV is ultimately a new feature on Instagram; it’s becoming more beneficial for marketers to reach and engage with their potential customers. It is time to step on IGTV because the video has become more critical in this digital world. I believe that this article provides some useful information to use IGTV successfully. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.